The Mobley family has farmed and raised cattle on their farm in east-central Henry County, AL since the 1800’s. Perry got his love for the cattle business from his father and grandfather. He was raised working cattle alongside his dad, who is a large animal veterinarian. For a brief period in the early 1990s, Perry’s father maintained a herd of fullblood and purebred Simmental cattle where, as a teenager, Perry was responsible for managing the paperwork on the herd and marketing the bulls. This experience gave him his initial desire to be in the seedstock business. Perry then began experimenting with crossing Red Angus, Angus, and Simmental Cattle in his father’s commercial herd.

Perry and Jennifer met at Auburn University where they both earned a B.S. in Animal Science. Jennifer continued her studies at Auburn where she obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. She has practiced both full-time and part-time through the years but now spends her time on the farm where she uses her skills and expertise in running the day-to-day operations of their home and business.

After graduation, Perry went to work as a multi-county extension agent in central Alabama where he again was exposed to Simmental, SimAngus and and Angus cattle while forming many meaninful relationships with cattle producers. Perry was mentored by one of the most respected Simmental and SimAngus pioneers in the Southeast, Mr. Tommy Brown. This experience only further fueled Perry’s desire to eventually have his own Sim-influenced seedstock herd.

Perry, Jennifer, Sadie, Ellie Grace, Harlan, and Rooster (our top hand)

Through the years, Perry maintained some ownership of a few Simmi cattle, whether commercial or seedstock, until 2006 when he decided to go fully into the stocker cattle business. In 2014, Perry was approached by Donnell Brown of R.A. Brown Ranch and Jim Yance of JYJ Red Angus about becoming a cooperator in the R.A. Brown SimAngus program. Though many personal hardships threatened to derail the Chattahoochee Ridge seedstock program, Perry and Jennifer kept it going through a partnership with Stephens Farms in Troy, AL, where they continue to market some SimAngus and Simmental bulls.

Jennifer decided to add Simbrah to the program in 2021. The Simbrah and SimAngus HT parts of the program will continue to grow and develop as many of the CRCC customers in the deep south have expressed interest in maintaining some Brahman influence in their herds.

Perry has always been a forage fanatic. He is currently employed as a Range and Pasture Specialist with Greenpoint Ag and does forage work in 5 different Southeastern states. His focus is on cattle that perform on the predominant forages God has provided them in Southeast Alabama. Chattahoochee Ridge Cattle Co cattle must be easy fleshing, fertile, have functional feet and legs, adequate growth, and good carcass genetics. We cull very hard for disposition, fertility, structure and fleshing ability. If our cattle work for us, we guarantee they’ll work for you.


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